$100 Dollar Bill Magnet


$100 Bill Magnet

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Magnetic money with this $100 Magnet.

$100 Dollar Bill

We give a real c-note a thick and durable magnet backing so you can stick it on steel and other metal surfaces, such as this refrigerator magnet:

$100 Dollar Bill Magnet

Perfect for laptops, lockers, whiteboards, filing cabinets, the office, and a million places others would not expect to find a real hundred dollar bill. They may think it is a print – only to be wowed when discovering it is authentic. They will be impressed.

The perfect novelty gift or reward for those obtaining success.

Magnet is professional grade 20 mm thickness and extremely durable with premium adhesion to prevent easy removal of the money.

Optional – Waterproof Lamination. We can apply a waterproof laminate to the top of the bill for protection, or leave the bill as-is and able to be touched.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

$100 Dollar Bill Magnet

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Certificate of Authenticity

Waterproof Laminated

Yes – Please Laminate, No – Do Not Laminate


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